CDN System


CDN System offers users the ability to have accessible and easy to use storage. With the use of PHP and native ShareX support, users can upload images and files into an online-accessible storage media. Users also have the ability to restrict access to this media depending on role and user ID and features native security features to prevent unwanted access to media.

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Form System

Following the succesful release of "Application Template", Jake Hamblin decided to remaster the template. While doing so, he focused on creating a more user-oriented UI experience, a better back-end design, and a heavy focus surrounding an extremely fast and performant product. Form System is light-weight, quick, and one of the most secure products on the market.

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Stratis Bot

Stratis Bot is a Python Discord bot that focuses on providing specific functions of developers. Stratis Bot includes native Store System integration, a verification system, moderation controls, logging, and embeds, allowing developers to receive an affordable and effective Discord bot.

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Store System

After Jake's original release of the 'PayPal Template', and it's tremendous success as a product in general, he decided to make a remastered version, except the difference in names comes due to his remastered version supporting more than just PayPal. Now you can checkout with all kinds of different payment methods to better suit you, and your customers needs. Introducing, the Store Template v2! A completely redefined store to help you, as a creator, better succeed in the modern day world of entrepreneurship! With the Store Template v2, you can see exclusive and astonishing features such as a built in gallery, team page, product viewership, website statistics, product sorting, and much more! So what're you waiting for? Pick-up one of the best products you will ever see sold by Jake, and leave your viewers winded when they see your new website.

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Documentation System

Released in 2022, Documentation System aims to provide a way for developers and users to communicate step-by-step process to install a product or a way to provide sections of data that users may find accessible.

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