Application Template (Discontinued)


NOTICE: Jake Hamblin has discontinued development on Application Template in favor of Application Template v2.

Are you getting tired of those Google Forms? Always so hard to manage, no easy way to see manage multiple, and the biggest downfall of all: you can't have your own custom domain. Do you want to defeat that? Do you want to be able to manage your forms better? Well, you're at the right place. The application template allows for users to create an account (through Discord or email) and submit forms. Additionally, they can view their submitted forms, where you and the user can talk about questions in the application. As an administrator, you can ban users from submitting forms, view submitted forms, add responses to forms, and change the status of forms. Users also receive emails about what has happened with their form. Most importantly: you get a centralized place to view ALL of your forms. For the low price of $20, this is a great deal.


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